Fionas CV Service


Hi Fiona

The CV and Cover Letter I received from you was truly first class.  It is so beautifully laid out and very well structured. The difference between my old CV and cover letter to the ones Fiona did up for me was huge. You done a really excellent job and I certainly can't thank you enough for all your great time and effort you put in to make my CV and Cover Letter both stand out so well. 

I would very highly recommend Fiona to anyone as she is such a lovely lady and you are certainly guaranteed to get nothing less than a very positive results and experience from her. 

Keep up the great work Fiona and once again I thank you most sincerely for everything.

Kevin (Kildare) 

Hi Fiona,

My CV is just WOW. Such a change to what I had. Great layout and structure. Love the wording in it also. I am so glad I found you.

Keep up the fantastic work, also thank you for sending on the Interview Bible.

Many thanks

Sarah, Galway

Hi Fiona

Just dropping you a note to thank you for your CV magic! I secured a permanent position in the school I had been subbing in and I start this Tuesday. I also managed to get 3 more interviews (which I didn't attend as I had already for the job I wanted), out of approximately 25 applications, which I believe is pretty impressive considering I only had some subbing work as experience. Listening to others, it's so hard to get even an interview with so many people applying for SNA jobs! Goes to prove it's all about the CV and Cover Letter, thanks to you.

Sharon, Meath 

Hi Fiona,

I am thrilled with my new CV, thank you so so much for all your time and help, it's great to have it at hand if I decide to change career. I am very impressed with myself after reading it, sure what employer wouldn't want to employ me... lol..........

Thanks again, great work and I will be recommending you highly to anybody looking for CV's. You provide a very professional service.

Best wishes

Lorraine, Meath

Hi Fiona

'I'm dropping you a quick line to let you know that I'm in Dublin as we speak completing a training course. 

I'm delighted I secured a new role and cannot thank you enough for the super job you made of my CV. It gave me the confidence to put my best foot forward in the interview and secured me the exact type of role I craved.

You're a total legend...I'll readily tell anyone I ever hear talking about creating a CV that you're the business!'

Emma, Donegal

Hi Fiona,

I hope you and yours are keeping well. 

I'm dropping you a quick line to let you know that I'm in Dublin as we speak completing a training course. 

I'm delighted to be going out on the roads looking after the financial needs of public sector workers and cannot thank you enough for the super job you made of my CV. It gave me the confidence to put my best foot forward in the interview and secured me the exact type of role I craved. You're a total legend...I'll readily tell anyone I ever hear talking about creating a CV that you're the business! 

With genuine thanks&warm regards, 

Emma (Donegal)

Hi Fiona

just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all your input and advice. Just three weeks after availing of your services I have just accepted an offer for a fantastic opportunity as an Office Manager! I had only been focusing on a Receptionist position, but with your expertise in CV and cover letter writing, my experience was highlighted to its full potential, allowing me to apply for positions I thought were still a few years down the line. This would never have been possible without your help  and I couldn’t recommend your services highly enough.

Many kind thanks,

Esther (Meath)

Hi Fiona

As a full time student doing a masters degree and finishing shortly, time is one thing I have little of as I work as well. Between work and assignments, I struggled to make up a CV to a high standard to start sending out.

Luckily, I found Fiona! Words do not do justice for how good this woman is at her job. My CV and Cover Letter were better than I ever imagined they would be and for a great price! Fiona is friendly and efficient and will change your cv to the way YOU want it.

Quick is an understatement for how fast I received replies and got my Cv fully completed just as I wanted it. No need to look elsewhere, Fiona is a life saver and will make a difference between you getting a job instead of being part of the pile. I cannot thank you enough.

Andrea (Cork)

Hi Fiona,

One word - WOW  - I'm really happy with it - the Cover Letter really conveys me as a person in words I couldn't have put together myself .

The CV is excellent as well and eye catching - it includes everything I wanted .

I'm really impressed with it Fiona.

Thank you so much, and I'll highly recommend you if I hear of someone looking for their CV to be done .

Best wishes

Ellie (Meath)

Ahhh WOW Fiona, Thank you so much. You have done a fantastic job in sorting through the mire that was!!!

I will plug your awesome professional services to recruitment consultants and anyone I know looking for a new CV!

I am very pleased and much debted to you. Thank you so much again. I will let you know WHEN and not if a great position comes my way!

Very much obliged.

Karen (Portlaoise)

Hi Fiona

The CV looks great and I love the Cover Letter. It will definitely help me to sell myself better. 

They look fantastic and really professional looking. 

Well worth the investment.

Just applied for my first Job with the new CV so fingers crossed.

Trevor ( Co. Limerick)

Hi Fiona

I just read the CV and Cover Letter, they are amazing. Thanks for everything, I will definitely recommend you.

Kind Regards

Jade (Dublin)

Hi Fiona,

Thank you so much for your help with the CV and Cover Letter. It looks and sounds so professional and I feel confident that it will stand out from other applications.

I had a deadline to meet and only gave you a very short time to get the CV done and you really delivered on your promise. 

I will be telling all my friends about your great and efficient service. 

Fiona (Co. Louth)

Hi Fiona

You did my CV for me and I went for that job interview I was telling you about, and just heard today I got the job. Thank you so much for sorting my CV, it was a major factor in it.

Mark (Dublin)

Hi Fiona,

Thank you so much, it looks really well. Wow I can't get over how good it is. I would never have done this myself. I'm delighted with it.

Michelle (Co. Cork) 

Hi Fiona 

I just wanted to let you know that I got that job!!! Went for the interview this evening and they offered it to me there and then!! A major part of that was the CV and Cover Letter you did for me. It was so professional and well written, I didn't even recognise myself. It was the best money I have ever spent. 

Thanks so much Gill ( Co. Kildare)  

Hi Fiona

Looked at my new CV and Cover Letter and I love them, you did an amazing job on them.

Thank you

Derek (Co. Cork)


Hi Fiona

Your CV writing service is truly professional and my finished CV was clearly outstanding. I had no idea how to write a good CV. Your CV service has prepared for me a CV that is not just good- it's totally perfect. My very deepest thanks to you Fiona for all your advice and help.

Rebecca Nugent ( Cornwall, UK.)

Hi Fiona

Thank you very much for your professional CV. I have received a 1st round interview with a Medical company next Thursday and firmly believe it is all down to your work. I will keep you posted on how I get on.

Thank you for the Interview Technique "Bible" this will be extremely helpful for me in preparation for my interview.

Thanks again

Siobhan (Co. Limerick) 

Hi Fiona

Can't thank you enough for that CV Fiona, I feel I should be running the country !! and the cover letter as well, thank you Fiona thank you.

I have already spread the word about your service, its circulating via email in some financial institutions in Galway

My husband's CV is next on the agenda as he has no job at the moment so hoping to get him sorted once we are settled in Galway, so will be in touch again in a month or so if that’s ok?

Margaret (Co. Limerick) 

Hi Fiona

Thank you very much. You certainly did a fantastic job on my limited career so far, definitely reads very impressive and professional (well worth getting the professional to do it)

Thank you again

Pat (Co. Meath)

Hi Fiona

Firstly, I am speechless with my new CV!! You are very professional in what you do and definitely have expertise in the recruitment area. My CV is amazing.
I love the new layout and how you have put your own personal touch to it. I highly appreciate your service and time.

Of course I will definitely spread the word around college. I would not hesitate in recommending you to a friend. I will let you know if I land a job (fingers crossed). Well worth the money!! and thank you for the Student Discount.  

Darren (Dublin)

Hi Fiona

OH Fiona I am speechless, my CV is fantastic. I can't believe that's me....... Thank you so much, you have given me my confidence a much needed boost and I really appreciate it. I just couldn't have done that myself.

I will certainly be singing your praises to all around me. I have already given your business card to someone I know.

If I am lucky enough to get an interview for my dream job I will be in touch with you for an interview skills session.

I am so glad I found your website when I did. I really needed that pep talk with you the other evening and I can't thank you enough for the help that you have given me.

I will you know how I'm getting on

Thank you again

Viv (Dublin)

Hi Fiona

Thank you so much for a wonderful CV. You definitely know what you are talking about! I found you very easy to talk to and you are so knowledgeable  and talented when it comes to the lay-out of a CV.

Can't wait now to get moving on the job front! I highly recommend you and will be passing the word around.

Thanks so much again

Ciara ( Co. Cork)

 Hi Fiona

Thank you so much, the CV is fantasic. I am so thrilled with it and I will tell everyone about you. In fact my sister will be in touch next week. I now want to get a cover letter done so I will be in touch in the next few days.

Thanks again.

Patricia (Co. Cork)

Hi Fiona

Thanks a million. I am really happy with my newly laid out CV. It is really well done. I will keep you up to date with my progress.

Thanks again

Maria (Dublin 15)

Hi Fiona

Thank you so much for the CV, it is excellent. I am delighted with my new CV and Cover Letter.  

I will be very happy to recommend you and your services to all my family and friends.

Thank you

Lee (Dublin )

Hi Fiona

Thank you so much for the CV, you did a great job!  

It was lovely to meet with you and I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family should they need their CV's professionally re-vamped.

Thanks again and I will keep you posted.

All the best 

Lynn (Dublin )

Hi Fiona

I am over the moon the way my CV has turned out. It seems to say much more and it's two pages shorter. I am also very impressed with the cover letter. I would have no hesitation in recommening you to friends and family.

Thanks once again,

Bernie (Dublin 24)  

Hi Fiona

Thank you so much for new CV, I feel more confident now and didn't know where to start before, since I sent my CV out I got 2 phone calls immediately  from agencies in London.
I am very happy with it and i will be in touch with the future if I ever need re-touching to it.

Thank you again,

Amanda ( Dublin)  

Hi Fiona

Thank you for the brilliant job you have done on my CV. Having it so well done, has definitely given me the boost of confidence I needed to begin my job hunting process. You are so easy to work with and have such valuable knowledge that I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends and family.

I hope I will be back to you soon for some interview advice :)

Audrey Lawton MA 202556, USA/ Lexilip, Co. Kildare) 

Hi Fiona

I just want to thank you as the first interview I went for with the CV you complied for me "I got the Job" . They said they were very impressed with my CV and that was all down to you. Thank you so much. I really can't thank you enough.  


Norman Gearon (Dublin 15) 

Hi Fiona

We are finally getting back to you to keep you posted on my husbands employment progress. We sent his CV out to hundreds of places but most companies are closing down and letting off drivers. He got a couple of bus jobs and was driving an artic part-time both around Ireland and the UK. The experience was fantastic. Then, a stroke of luck! A month ago he got phone call from a company inviting him to interview. He was offered a driver/ delivery job based in Cork- 6 month contract. We don't know ourselves having that guaranteed wage coming in every week.

We have no doubt that your CV layout was a big help in landing this job. It really stands out, so thank you very very much Fiona. It was definitely a stroke of luck to have heard you on the radio that day. I have passed your details on to a number of people so I hope they were in contact with you. 

How is the business going for you? Did you do any more radio interviews? 

Regards Siobhan ( Co. Cork)  

 Hi Fiona

Thank you so much for the CV and Cover Letter, they are brilliant. Much better than anything I could ever put together!
It's so good I'd nearly employ myself.
I can do all those things, but never thought of them with the titles you have given them.
I most certainly will pass on your details to anyone who is seeking employment without hesitation and I look forward to receiving your "Interview Bible".
Thanks again and if I have any success, I will let you know and seek your help before interview.
Imelda (Co. Kildare)



Hope you are keeping well? I wanted to let you know that I secured a job last week(locally) and I am sure it was all down to you and your CV Service.

I want to thank you for this and I will keep you mind if anyone should enquire about getting their CV done.

Jacqui (Dunboyne, Co. Meath) 


I have landed the most perfect job, the one I was telling you about when we met up. You really did wonders to my CV and it is all thanks to you that I got this job. Not alone did you do the CV but you gave such wonderful advice that really worked. Thanks again I appreciate all your help.


Damien Barry (Dublin 24)  

Hi Fiona 

I just wanted to let you know that I was extremely happy with your service, you made me feel very special and I was treated like an individual and it made such a difference to me as I was nervous meeting up. I have never had to do this before. I am delighted with the CV and Cover Letter, you did a wonderful job and I will highly recommend you.

Samanta (Co. Limerick)



Many thanks for all your help and assistance especially with the interview tips and techniques. I found them extremely interesting and they covered all aspects of an interview even things that I would never have thought of. I am delighted with my new CV and Cover Letter and I hope I get loads of interviews now. 


Sophie Durnan(Co .Wicklow) 

Good Evening Fiona

I thought I would write a brief note to thank you for your professional expertise in creating and compling my CV. I never had a CV previous to this and you made it so simple and created a masterpiece for me. I feel very confident now and have no problems selling myself since our meeting.

Sinead Cunningham (Co. Carlow)  

Hi Fiona

I am delighted with the end product. I would highly recommend your company and thanks for everything.

I found using your services very simple and you were always at hand.

Thank again Fiona,

Anthony (Co. Kildare)


Dear Fiona,

I think you deserve to call yourself a "Recruitment Consultant" after the work you have performed on my CV, which I must say I thought was near perfect. Just shows you how wrong one can be.

Delighted with the work done for me, definitely very worthwhile and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone, for future reference.

I will gladly keep you posted if I land a big fish I would certainly like to use your service again for a dummy run at the interview process.

Will talk to you soon again and I am absolutely delighted with your end product.

Kind Regards

Noel Muldowney (Dublin 1) 

Hi Fiona,
Thank you so much for doing up my CV and Cover Letter.  I'm delighted with both, very impressive and professional looking. 
I feel having such a professional CV and letter, this will make me feel more confident about applying for jobs now.
Also thanks for the interview tips, it will be great to read up on them and prepare myself for any interviews.  Preparation is the key.
I will definitely forward your details onto my friends and family, as you said "word of mouth" is the best form of advertising.  We have found that with our roofing business too.
I can't thank you enough for all you have done, its the best money I've ever spent.
Have a lovely Christmas and I'll keep you posted with how I get on.
Maureen (Co. Meath)

Hi Fiona,

Thank you so much for all your help. its amazing to see how my CV has been made much smaller and professional.
I will most definitely be recommending you to anyone I hear of looking for a CV makeover/interview tips.
Have a fabulous Christmas and all the best for the new year. I will keep you posted on my job hunt, I feel a lot more confident sending out my CV now.
Kind Regards,
Emma Kinsella (Co. Cork) 

Hi Fiona,

Just confirming that myself and Julie have both received our CV's and are delighted with them.

I have just sent on all info and CV's to Sandy(Australian Agency) I mentioned you created them for us and that we were impressed with you.
Thanks again and will pass on your details and just to say we are very happy with your work.

John and Julie (Dublin 15) 

Hi there Fiona, 
Just a short note to say thank you for your help over the past few days. I have two interviews next week. Best of luck with your new business.
Anne Fanning(Dublin 15) 

Hi Fiona
I met with you last week and already I have one interview set up.  
My CV went from 6 pages to 3 pages and you managed to get all the information in and even more.
I appreciate your help. A job well done. Thanks again. I will highly recommend you to everyone I know.
Donna (Dublin)  
Hello Fiona
Thank you so much for your time and expertise, my CV is fantastic and people have even commented on it.
Now that I have had it done professionally by you and all those fantastic tips you gave me, this has given me more confidence to sell myself in an interview.
Carol Hennessey (Co. Wexford)