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Have a listen to my podcast below also on my "Media page" in relation to first time CV's. Interviewed on the Colm Hayes Show 2FM

There is another podcast featured on my "Media page" again interviewed by Colm Hayes in relation to interview tips and techniques on how to create the perfect CV.

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Did you know that, on average, the person assessing your CV will spend no more than 20 or 30 seconds scanning it?  And this was the case even in our previous booming economy when good employees were hard to find.  Right now employers are being inundated with CVs even when there is no vacancy advertised.
It is, therefore, extremely important that your CV stands out from the crowd.  It needs to provide the reader with a reason to interview you or at least to read to the end of your CV.  It needs to sell you properly.  This means setting out your experience in a way that highlights your key strengths and achievements and which draws easy links between an employer's requirements and your competencies.
So when you walk out of your next interview.
Will you be smiling, head held high and confident in the knowledge that you have performed well, given a good account of yourself and are well on the road to landing the job that's going to get you back to work, advance your career, allow you to focus on your passions, and provide you with the pay and lifestyle you want for yourself and your family?
Or, will you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?
You know the one...That feeling of disappointment and dread in knowing that you'll be back on the job hunt tomorrow.
Many of us find it difficult to understand what a employer is looking for and how to match our experience, achievements and skills to get the job we want.  So interviewees often feel like they lost out on a better job because they weren't able to make the most of their chance. 
Well look no further, I can do this for you and offer you FREE advice & interview tips.
I am a former Recruitment Consultant with over 5 years' recruitment experience. 


Did you know that employers recruiting for any type job want to find people who are a 'safe bet'; people who have a proven and impressive track record and/or with evidence of appropriate capabilities, style, attitude and potential.
Employers don't like taking risks.
Interviewers and recruitment decision-makers want to get the best person for the vacancy, but they also want to protect their personal reputation by avoiding making recruitment mistakes, which means minimising risk.


CV's are the key to success
Your CV is the equivalent of your marketing brochure. A well prepared CV should give prospective employers a good idea of the value that your services could potentially add to their organisation.
If the CV does this successfully, the prospective employer,  will want to take a closer look at the service provider which means that they will want to talk to you, and so you will be invited to an interview. This leads us to a very important point that should be borne in mind as you prepare your CV:
The primary objective of the CV is to win you an interview, i.e. the opportunity of selling your services in a face to face meeting with the customer. 
Here are some questions you may ask yourself before starting to write your CV
  • What should I include (and what should I leave out)?
  • How do I decide where to put various pieces of information?
  • How much detail should I go into?
  • How long should my CV be?
Well you don't have to worry about those questions. I can answer all those questions and with your help and my expertise you will have the perfectly-typed and professionally laid-out CV.

Basics of Writing a CV

A CV presents your unique combination of qualifications, experience, skills and interests to an employer. It is updated regularly to reflect what you have to offer.

Put yourself in the shoes of the employer. If you were advertising a job and received 50 CV's, which ones would appeal to you?

  1. Would it be the five-page CV containing information with little relevance to the job?
  2. Would you have the patience to make sense of a messy or badly structured CV?

Consider how refreshing it would be to come across a focused, concise, clear CV when wading through large number of applications

You might feel that you don't have enough information to put on a CV. However, once you make a start you will be surprised by how much you have actually done, and you can add to this as you gain more experience. 

If you don't have a CV or need your CV to be updated, simply call me today on 087 1677740 and we can build a CV together.

It doesn't take long and it's worth it in the end. This will make all the difference and before you know it you will be getting those interviews you so badly need.